Sunday @ Home

I have always heard that Colorado has the most hail storm damage of any place in the world.  But that may be because of the construction in Colorado.  We had 5 hail storms Sunday with hail ranging in size from lentil to marble.  No damage here, though it did make the distinctive “ice on glass” sound when the stones bounced off the ground and onto our glass doors.

— Claude


First Few Weeks of the New Job


Well tiz been a few weeks and I think I am getting the hang of the new work thing.  The office is 2x as far as DERI was so I have been taking the bus.  It works out to be a 2 hour commute (1 hr each way) but it gives me time to think without having to worry about getting run over.  The early morning on the prom is cold and quiet.  Yesterday was cold enough that the cars coming in from the West had a dusting of snow on them.  This AM was cold enough that there was black ice along the sidewalk.

The mornings have been magnificent!  The smell of the cold salt, the sound of  waves or the quiet of fog, the first light of dawn peeking through the clouds.

During the evening commute I often disembark from the bus in Salthill and walk the prom to the house.  I find that I can often walk the direct distance in less time than it takes the bus to go around the loop.  It is a nice walk along the beach, watching the dog walkers, joggers, parents with children in prams, and on skates.

All in all, it has been a good month.

— Claude