Spring is making herself seen and heard.  The days are lengthening, daffodils are beginning to bloom, the birds are singing happily.  Even though the weather has been wholly unsettled recently, on the sunny days it’s easy to forget the cold and rain and simply be happy.

I spent Valentine’s Day wandering through Dublin while Claude attended a work meeting.  My first stop was at the library at Trinity College.  I saw the Book of Kells on my way through to see what I really wanted to look at – The Long Room.  What an amazing place.  The stacks are filled floor to ceiling with old volumes and there’s a wrought iron spiral staircase that leads up to the second floor (that the public is not allowed to climb).  Afterward I went to a restaurant called Crackbird, which offers fried chicken as its main fare.  Very enjoyable!  I did a review for Trip Advisor.  Then I found the Why Go Bald sign, wandered about at Dublin Castle, and walked down to Christchurch Cathedral – however when I saw the price of entrance I chose not to go in.  I meandered back to our hotel and spent a couple of hours reading a good book, then Claude and I had a lovely meal at an Indian restaurant before we caught the train back to Galway.

While we were walking around on Saturday after our weekly shopping and a lovely lunch with a friend, we came across some people dancing in the street.  I remembered that there was going to be a film crew making a video based on Pharrell Williams’ song – and sure enough there they were!  The final product shows off our lovely little home town quite well.  They were lucky it was such a gorgeous day!

Life is good — and we are certainly happy!

— Cindy