Earth, Wind and Water.

Warm day, the wind rilled sand upon the rocks, forming drumlins like a stream bed.

Misty day, the mist like fog, hung in the air.  Stand still, stay dry, move and become soaked.

Breeze clears the mist, darkens the drumlins with damp, leaves the leaside sparkling and dry.

— Claude


More road trippin’…

Pastry Tour 2012

Got started early and drove north from Galway through Spiddal and Barna toward Connemara.  On the way we stopped at Recess for some snacks, to shop for souvenirs, and to see the Connemara Giant.  He’s pretty cool.  Joyce’s Craft Shop commissioned him “for no apparent reason.”  You can “friend” him on Facebook if you so choose.  We were headed up to Ballyconneely to drop Skyler off for a 2-hour horseback ride on the beach.  It took us quite a while to get there, spent most of the time almost convinced we were lost until we saw another sign leading us to the pony center…and so it went until we actually found it.  (I’m told the ride was a rousing success and that she enjoyed it very much.)  The rest of us went over to Kylemore Abbey to see the castle and enjoy the view.

As we had to have the…

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Road trip to the Burren…

Pastry Tour 2012

The girls flew into Dublin on July 6 and we met them at the airport.  From there we hopped the express bus to Galway, arrived home and gave them a chance to snooze and get acclimated.  That evening we went to see some groups participate in a haka competition in Woodquay.  As someone in the crowd said, “There’s nothing quite like a bunch of pasty white Irish guys doing the haka.”  It was pretty pitiful.  We gave up and went to dinner – the meal was much better than the entertainment.

The next day we dragged them along to do our Saturday marketing and show them a bit of the city center.  Erin wanted fish & chips so we stopped off at McDonough’s – frankly, I’ve had better.  Checked out Byrne’s book store and the Galway City Museum before heading back home to rest up some more and enjoy a…

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