Samhain has passed

Samhain has passed and winter has arrived.  Last night the rain froze and presented the early morning walker with patches of ice to go with the pinks, pale blues and oranges of the sun rise.  The mists that had covered the greens only yesterday have been replaced by frost.   I have been reading a book of Irish legends and the morning is all the more magical for it.  I can almost see the influence of Aos Sí in the morning light.

— Claude

Aos sí

Aos Sí




Imbolc - Beginning of Spring

Imbolc – Beginning of Spring

If you had asked me ten years ago if I would watch – much less enjoy – a sheepdog competition on television, I would definitely

Beltane - Beginning of Summer

Beltane – Beginning of Summer

have laughed in your face.  Yet last Sunday we found ourselves watching the “One Man and His Dog” competition on BBC’s Countryfile show (another personal favorite).  More than that, we were rooting for the Ireland team.  Who else?  Best part of all was that Ireland won!

We’ve begun to use the colloquialisms more comfortably.  It’s small changes in wording, a changed attitude toward timeliness, altered interactions with people, the ability to understand strong accents.

Recently I participated in a workshop centered around elder abuse due to my involvement with Age Action Ireland.  I met a fascinating group of women including a young Chinese woman studying disability law at NUIG and a couple of social workers with the HSE (Health Services Executive, the health service group run by

Samhain - Beginning of Winter

Samhain – Beginning of Winter

Lughnasadh - Beginning of Autumn

Lughnasadh – Beginning of Autumn

the government).  I was not only acccepted but my unique perspective of Irish culture was welcomed.

Of course, we’re doing our part to share our American weirdness with the lively people of Galway.  We’re throwing a holiday food sculpture party soon, something our friends find amusing.  Of course I have to choose an American holiday because Irish ones are weird and very hard to depict in food.  Ha!


— Cindy