Mating crows and prudish magpies

To those on the outside looking in, our lives may not seem terribly adventurous.  To us, every day offers something new, filled with wonder.

Our Saturday outings to the weekend market is a good example.  Every time there’s something new: the weather, the new growth, the behavior of the birds, the look of the bay.  We walk out past the large sweeping lawn in front of the Blackrock manor house where there’s usually something happening, from children enjoying a ball game to dogs running free to birds looking for something to eat.  Last autumn the estate management company hired tree trimmers to come in and clean up the numerous trees in the estate, so they chipped everything they trimmed and laid it in large piles in the forested area behind the manor house.  It smelled wonderful, reminiscent of a cedar closet, and it smouldered from the heat it generated for days.

Recently we had just started out on our Saturday outing when we came across an amazing sight: Two crows were going at each other in a strange sort of agitated dance, while a magpie was squawking loudly and flying back and forth around the crows.  They were all making quite the ruckus!  Claude reckoned the crows were mating although I thought they were either fighting or playing.  One thing is certain, that magpie was mighty upset!

— Cindy