Award winning town

Congratulations Galway!  The City of the Tribes has been awarded the Urbanism Award for greatest Town in the UK and Ireland!  But we knew that already.

— Cindy

Image courtesy of Galway City Museum


Image courtesy of Wikipedia



Winter winds

Living just meters off the North Atlantic makes for some chilly weather sometimes.  Today is one of those days.  The temp is mild – a high of 11 C (52 F) today, but the winds are blasting out of the southwest at 45 kph (18 mph) with some amazing gusts, making it pretty nippy outside.  I walked back from town into the battering wind and felt at times like I could have just leaned forward and hung there like an acrobat!  The tremendous winds are whipping up the whitecaps on the bay.  With the sun peeking out of the clouds and the surf crashing against the diving board I just had to get a couple of pictures!  Here are the best of today’s study…

— Cindy

Waves hitting the beach


Rays of sun kiss the stormy sea


A Year of Cycling

It has been some time since I wrote here, so here goes…..

We have been here over a year now (as Cindy wrote about), and I have been riding my bike to work for at least a year.  One would think that it would get easier, but that does not seem to be so.  Perhaps I am just getting older as fast as I am getting in better shape.

In any case the ride to work has been interesting lately.  The bay always puts on a good show.  A while back, as the sun was going down, there was a storm on the horizon, the top was silver edged, the right orange tinged and on the left the rain was falling and the sky behind was purple.

Mornings have shown the Clare shoreline as stark dramatic hills and cliffs, shrouded in mist, or hidden in the fog.   Some days the bay laps quietly against the shore and others it crashes with an unexpected vigour.

The summer was nice but the winter is back and I am once again riding to and from work in the dark.

But the adventure continues and the thrill is not gone.

— Claude

Irish calendar

A while ago Claude made the observation that seasons in Ireland begin and end on a different calendar than the seasons we are used to in North America.  In the states the seasons begin on the equinox or solstice, depending on which season you’re addressing.  But in Ireland they begin and end according to the Gaelic Calendar, which states that the seasons encompass these cycles: November, December, January are winter; February, March, April are spring; May, June, July are summer; August, September, October are autumn.

Strangely enough – well, to me, at least – the seasons do seem to follow this schedule.  Granted my observations are purely empirical, and then based on just one year’s worth of experience, but still…   Amazing how those ancient Celts knew their stuff way back when.

Additionally, per the Gaelic Calendar, today is the first day of the new Celtic year.  Happy Celtic New Year!

— Cindy