Comfortable birds

great-titWe have a sweet little garden at the front of our apartment – technically a ground floor town home – that we have decorated with our one lonely pink flamingo, a statue of the Buddha, two gnomes, and two bird feeders.  One feeder has seed and the other has nuts, plus we have put out a bowl with fresh water.  The birds have become very comfortable in the garden.  The finches, robins and dunnocks like the seeds while the tits and finches like the nuts.  All the while the blackbirds enjoy the makeshift bird bath. When the weather is nice, as it has been all summer long and now into the autumn, they provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

There are a number of them who like to ‘hang out’ in the bush, and when we open the door or step outside they either start scolding us or fly out of the bush explosively.  We also have a few pigeons in the area which we have named Martha, after Martha Stewart, because like her they are both helpful and a pain in the ass at the same time.  They hover under the seed feeder awaiting stray seeds flying down to the ground.  They sometimes try to jump up into the rosemary bush to get closer to the feeder but that is verboten in Cindy’s rules.  We use that plant for food and I’m not about to have dirty birds polluting that bush!  They have actually learned the rule and only the new Marthas break it.  When one Martha is in the garden she tends to shoo away the other Marthas; they’re so funny!  It’s almost like a Benny Hill skit with one chasing the others around!

So the birds are quite comfy with us.  But we don’t mind, they provide a great deal of enjoyment.  However…  The other day I had the doors to the garden open while sitting at my desk working on my computer when for a moment I heard a small clicking sound.  I listened but the noise stopped.  I then heard the sound again.  Something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  I looked up and realized there was a robin in my kitchen, sitting on the floor just looking around!  Quelling the panic in my chest I just sat still.  The bird thankfully hopped back toward the door and I shooed him the rest of the way outdoors.  Amazingly enough, the next day one of the Marthas came inside as well!  She didn’t get very far in before I got her back outdoors too.  I have decided that if the door stays open I have to be sitting in the front room in plain sight so the birdies can see me and know they’re not welcome indoors.

This morning I was sitting watching the birdies and I saw a pretty little great tit on the nut feeder.  I was contemplating how lovely it is to attract so many wonderful birds and how nice a day it was while watching him eat.  All these thoughts were swirling in my head when I looked over at Claude and said, “The tits really like the nuts.”  It took about one-half of one second before I realized what I had said aloud – and burst into laughter!  Couldn’t believe I’d said that!

— Cindy


3 responses to “Comfortable birds

  1. Great Photo! I love feeding the birds at our house too. They really are very enjoyable to watch. I love it when we get a new bird for the first time.

  2. You’ve painted such a captivating picture – We’ve got lots of birds who come to our feeders, but none of them has ever visited us inside the house! We enjoy the flocks of California quail in particular, but migrating birds also come seasonally – very colorful are the yellow finches (we regular have house finches, with their red coloring – and Bullock’s oriole, brilliant orange, black and white.

    Let us know what visits you in winter time, if anything… Love, the Goodsprings connection

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