Crunchy leaves

I can’t believe the leaves are still crunchy this late in the season. It has been unusually dry and warm lately. But the more the merrier, as the return of late summer makes people very happy.

We are off to a play with an American friend this afternoon, the final part of the Oscar Wilde Festival weekend. It is called “Kicking Oscar’s Corpse” and was written by a Galway poet and playwright, Brendan Murphy. Afterward we are having lunch with our companion, then over to the university for an exhibition of motorized boats. Talk about diversity of entertainment!

The garden is full of happy birds and plants. The house is full of happy people. Termination of trajectory going as planned!







One response to “Crunchy leaves

  1. Sounds wonderful! We spent part of yesterday with Jon, looking at the McNulty reunion photos and sharing memories of the trip. Great fun!

    Maybe you could go to Dromore and take some photos of McNulty ancestral Irish digs?

    I think we can narrow down the location, so let me know. Love, Mom

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