Back on the bike

After spending 2 weeks trying to get to and from my new job on the bus, I gave up and went back to the bike. I had planned to do so but just not so quickly and not by jumping in the deep end with both feet; however travel by bus led to long trips (longer than across town to the old job) or long walks.

I made a short trip on the bike to ensure that it was in shape, and that the shape I am in (round) would not hinder my cycling too much. So Monday, I put 2 glass bottles in the panniers along with a change of clothes, soap, shampoo, and towel and headed to work. I stopped at the glass recycling station and dropped off the glass. “This isn’t too bad, I can do this every day and fix our glass recycling backlog.” I made it to work, and made it home again without incident. Ok, the trip home was a bit hard – into the wind, slightly up hill at the end. But I made it and I didn’t collapse into a heap on the floor. Hooray for the little victories.

Today, I forgot the bottles, though I remembered as I neared the recycling stop. The wind was behind me so it was a nice fast trip into town, and then rain bucketed out of the sky; full on level 7 rain.  Stopped in a portcullis and waited… and waited… and waited.  Finally I put on my jacket and braved the rest of the trip.

So here we are, Autumn in Ireland, cycling through buckets of rain but still enjoying every moment.

— Claude


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