Was it for this?

News has been swirling around the recent revelation that the grounds of one of Ireland’s many “mother-and-baby homes” contains a tremendous number of unceremoniously buried children.  This home was run by a Roman Catholic Church sect called the Bon Secours nuns; it is located in Tuam, Co Galway.  The story has gone viral, with the usual bad information and overstated statistics — but one thing we can all be certain of is that those children died neglected and unhappy at the hands of the church in collusion with the State.  We can only hope this revelation opens a thorough investigation by the Gardaí, and more than that, a wider dialogue about the role the church plays in the laws of the Republic of Ireland and the lives of her wonderful people.

Today I found this poem by a young man called Stephen Murphy.  He speaks so eloquently, so movingly, about the historic price paid by the people of Ireland.


— Cindy


3 responses to “Was it for this?

  1. Thanks for sharing this Cindy. It’s been a crazy fortnight since I put it up, and a crazier month since the birth of my son, but for me to know it’s resonated with so many people makes what can be a difficult job worthwhile.

    There are many decent people on this island, all is not lost, just badly misplaced.


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