Spring has Sprung

Mist rising off the bay
Boys yelling as they try to walk into the water
The scent of bar-b-q lighter on charcoal
Must be spring

It has been an interesting while since I last wrote — I have meant to on various occasions but never seem to find the time.

The other day I went in to work late, the sky was clear and the optical illusion that County Clare is floating was in strong evidence.  I looked to the west and the Aran Islands were standing out strongly on the horizon.  They were the biggest I have ever seen them.  There is some sort of optical illusion that occurs when the sky is bright.  The space at the horizon is different.  I suspect that the light bends around in the hot moist air and makes things over and on the horizon suddenly appear above it.

The next day was completely different.  At the edge of our estate is a golf course.  When I got to the end of the road I looked across and saw that 1/2 the golf course was hidden behind a shroud of fog.  Near me was the yellow of the blooming gorse and the green of the fairway and greens, but just slightly farther away there was nothing but a wall of fog.  To the east there was a patch of fog down on the water and hiding County Clare.  It looked like a cloud laying on the water.  Yes, I know that is what fog is, but fog gave the impression of a cloud on the water, not the misty edge normally associated with fog.

Ahhh so it must be Spring then.

— Claude


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