The Wind and The Rain

Yesterday the wind blew from the south with great ferocity and the rain fell with a vengeance.  Cindy and I were waiting in the shelter of the bus stop, the wind literally rocking the shelter wall. I noticed that the collected water on the roof of the shelter as it dropped to the ground on the lee side would exit the slight wind break and meet with an upward gust that caused the rain drops to halt their fall, whereupon they were struck from behind by their fellows to shatter and disperse in smaller droplets that, being lighter, were blown upward. As the droplets collided with other descending drops or merged with those traveling in a similar direction, the resulting spray looked for all the world like foam.

We watched for several minutes until our bus came.  When we returned the day had cleared and nothing remained of the episode save for our memories – and now this blog post.

— Claude


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