Catching Up

It has been a long time since I have written here on the blog.  Though often on the way to work I think of things I would like to post, they leave my head before I get anywhere near a computer.

It amazes me that even after almost two years of looking at it the bay is still magical.  It is always changing color and mood, often within a few minutes.

The new job is keeping me busy and allowing us to stay in Ireland.  It is not the most exciting place to work, but my coworkers are nice people.  We have gone out after work on occasion; the conversations over the lunch table range far and wide and are always entertaining.

I’m not riding the bicycle as much as I should.  Skyler and Josh (my daughter and her boyfriend) are visiting so we have been exploring the local environs, mostly by bus, bike and shank’s mare.

We recently took the bus to the Galway Crystal factory and then walked out to the Roscam round tower, church and graveyard.


Roscam graveyard, church and round tower

We visited Merlin woods – no sign of the historic English magician though.


Merlin Park Castle from the woods


Skyler and Josh at Merlin Park Castle

We did our standard Saturday marketing where people have always marketed in Galway.

Galway market

We walked out to Seaweed Point on one of the hottest days of the year and we rode bicycles to Upper Dangan on another.

We’ve eaten good food in several restaurants and walked the prom a number of times.

Yesterday we swam in the bay and built sand sculptures.


So that brings you up to date.  I’ll try to stay in touch more often.

— Claude


3 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Thanks for the view of Ireland. I will be looking forward to see more. Lovely pictures and you have a pretty daughter. Hard to believe she is grown up.

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