Work, Play and Life

Another month has gone by and I didn’t post a thing.  Thankfully Cindy has managed to keep the banner flying while I have been slacking off.  So the question now is one big post or a bunch of small ones.  Well, let’s let the muses out and see what happens.

I have managed to land a new job as a Software Engineer with Synchronoss at their European Research & Development Facility here in Galway.   They provide activation software to mobile providers as well as software to synchronize content across platforms.  This is an opportunity to do more hands on development while staying in Ireland.  I now have a green card that will take me thorough next October when I can apply for my stamp 4.  The increase in pay isn’t bad either and means that Cindy and I will be able to eventually pay off last summer’s trip across the continent and perhaps take a few trips around Ireland.  I think Cindy is already planning some.  With the new job being 2x as far as DERI I will probably start by taking the bus to work, but I hope to be back on the bicycle soon as it tends to keep me sane by providing me with a few moments of quiet in an otherwise hectic day.

Speaking of cycling…  I found a patch of black ice earlier this month.  When heading out of the estate there is a gentle slope down and a slight curve as the Dun Na Carraige road meets the main road.  Dun Na Carraige is shaded by the apartment towers that front the shore road.  I remember hitting the ice, feeling the bike start to go out from underneath me, and, like last time, uttering a multisyllabic curse before I hit the ground.  Once I stopped sliding, I looked up and discovered I was in the middle of the road and two cars were following me, so I clutched my arms to my chest and rolled to the gutter.  The cars managed to stop, though one of the drivers almost fell when he attempted to walk across the ice.  PJ, our local grounds keeper, saw me fall and came over to assist.  I sat on the curb for a bit before fixing the bike and heading off to work.  I discovered that the left brake lever was bent so I bent it back, all the while thinking “don’t snap, don’t snap…”  I discovered that my right hip was bruised and my left knee was scraped — figure that out.  I managed to make it to and through work and home again.  But the next day I was so sore I stayed home to recuperate.

I’ve spend most of my time away from work developing a security framework for RDF graphs — a rather esoteric diversion I suppose.  But I figure a shameless plug here will provide my developer friends with an opportunity to check it out.

There was a fairly strong wind storm here the other night.  The next morning I wandered down to the beach to see what effect the storm might have had,  The only thing I could see was that seaweed had been wrapped around the railings of the approach to the diving board.  There must have been some big waves.

Many of the Irish people I have met here have asked me if I like it here.  When I tell them I want to stay, they almost always ask: “Even with the weather?”  Even with the weather.  It’s just not that bad.  It doesn’t get too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter.  It rains a lot but then that is why it is green here — even in the winter.

I hope that the new year brings all of you joy and contentment.  I have no worries for I am in Ireland.

— Claude





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