Sittin’ on the board of the bay

Finally got up the nerve to climb to the top of the Blackrock diving board at the Prom last week.  My balance issues make climbing stairs a little difficult and especially these stairs as they are really small and slippy (as the Irish say).  But there I was arriving home early from my usual Wednesday journey into town and there were very few people at the diving board… so I decided to brave it.  The view is spectacular.  It was a cloudy day though so I couldn’t see much on the County Clare side.  There were a few folks braving the cold water for a swim.  I shot a very short and wobbly video of the view from the top of the diving board.

On Saturday we were returning from our marketing and the sun was shining brightly.  Once again there were very few people swimming, even though the weather was decidedly lovely.  I thought I would shoot another video from the same perspective.  It also came out wobbly but does show the golf course and lifeguard station a little more clearly.

I wish I could convey with mere photos and videos the beauty and grandeur of Galway Bay from our perspective – but these small offerings will have to do.

— Cindy



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