Super Noodles

Not so super.  They turn out grotesquely mushy if you cook them to the package directions.  And they’re terribly in need of salt.  Plus, contrary to the website’s purported selection, my local grocer gives me a choice of Chicken, Barbecue Beef and Mild Curry.  (“Mild” makes me chuckle.  Poor delicate British & Irish palates.  However, between the imported-from-SE Asia noodles and these, I can’t find a spice combination that suits my palate.)  I’ve figured out the combination of cooking & spicing to make them edible – but that just makes me miss Ramen Noodles even more.  How gastronomically disgusting is that?

While I’m on the subject, Irish peanut butter is pretty dry.  And the containers they package it in are just so ridiculously shaped that it is literally impossible to remove every scrap of peanut butter from the jar!  Thank goodness for the Candyland store and their selection of American peanut butters.

Still looking for lard without meat products.  Amazon UK has a German product but it looks more like a stick of butter, and no reviews or detailed info on specifics.  The online Mexican shop in Dublin doesn’t even have it.  They have 5″ flour tortillas but for 12 @ €5 + shipping I think it would better to just make my own.

Could use a decent selection of sponges here too, but my sister kindly sent me some a few months ago and I’m making them last as looooong as possible.

— Cindy


2 responses to “Super Noodles

  1. “makes me miss Ramen Noodles even more”

    You must be desperate! However given the choice between Ramen and Phillipines’ “Lucky Me” Brand I think I’d have to take Ramen. There’s a nasty aftertaste with Lucky Me.

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