Autumn’s arrival

The weather has definitely taken a turn toward fall.  The sun comes out and then it rains.  The rain turns to mist and the sun peeks out again. Then it rains.  The wind has been blowing rather steadily for about 2 weeks now; I suspect that’s not going to change until the spring.  I just saw a tremendously large magpie stroll into our front garden, displaying gorgeous blue plumage, rummaging for something to eat.  The crunchy leaves are all just wet now.  PJ the groundskeeper is busy trimming back the foliage and mowing the lawns.  The blackberry vines have stopped producing so prodigiously.  The fresh summer fruits have disappeared from the farmer’s market and are being replaced with gourds, squashes and hearty root veggies.

Next week we go back to the Garda immigration office to renew our visas.  How exciting!

Sunday sees the big All Ireland hurling match replay between Galway and Kilkenny – the first match ended in a tie.  The whole city is in a dither.  Gaillimh Abú!

— Cindy


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