A different kind of everyday

Not much new going on with us – but every day presents something new.  Does that make sense?

On Sept. 2nd we saw Arlo Guthrie at the Town Hall Theatre – he was great.  It’s probably one of the most unique concerts I’ve attended.

The weather’s been turning cooler but the sun shines between soft showers. Claude had his first road accident on his bike today, he slipped on the wet road and got pretty scuffed up but he’ll be okay.

It’s been quite interesting to watch the blooming plants change over the course of the year.  They seem to run through the gamut, one plant blooms, then another, then another, in a cascade that never seems to end.  My latest flower discovery is pretty interesting.

Our own personal austerity program has kept us from going out for meals as often as we used to so I’ve been continuing to hone my culinary skills.  Cooking vegetarian is quite the challenge.  Found an extremely easy chocolate mousse recipe that produces a delicious dessert in no time.

I wander around the city with my camera and occasionally I find something worth shooting.  We enjoy our Saturday market mornings very much.  We’ve found a cheesemonger who sells the most amazing cheeses.

Still very much enjoying my volunteer job.  I’ve applied for another one, this time with an at-risk youth group.  Just have to pass the Garda vetting again.

We’re reading Don Quixote together in the evenings before bedtime.  I’m not entirely sure Claude is enjoying it so I’ve found a couple of books of Irish myths and legends that we may switch over to; however I’m going to finish Quixote because it’s a great story.

Claude’s new contract has been signed and is almost completed.  It’s only good through June 2013 so he’s looking for other work.  The jobs are mostly in Dublin, which kind of scares me – moving expenses, new lifestyle, etc. – but we’ll do what we have to to stay in Ireland.  I said something today at Age Action about that man telling me that Galway is where careers go to die and one of the ladies who works there said it was a well-known phenomenon called “termination of trajectory.”  I like that.  We’re ready for this trajectory to terminate here in beautiful western Ireland.

— Cindy


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