Ah, crunchy leaves…

Some may recall my plaintive cry back in November of last year, the one in which I declared all the things I missed about home.  Where I come from the crunchy leaves come in September and October.  I have now discovered that, here in Galway, they arrive in August.

I still miss my children (every single day), my family and my friends.  I still wish I had a reasonably sized refrigerator – I think Coleman makes coolers that are larger than my fridge.  My mobility is up due to the fact that I have to walk everywhere.  The buses are now on a reasonably regular schedule, with the occasional glitch.  And I’m getting used to which stores sell what product(s) I need.  The Saturday market is definitely an added bonus.

It’s amazing what difference a year makes.  And now I’m going into town to my volunteer job – no pay but at least I’m not sitting home bored out of my mind and I get to meet new and interesting people – and on the way I might just find some crunchy leaves.

— Cindy


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