In which your hosts obtain a reprieve

As Claude said, he has been offered and accepted another position at DERI.  It offers the opportunity to work in a different area of research, however due to the pay structure at the university, he is already at the top of the scale and cannot anticipate or expect a raise in salary, ever.  A gentleman I was working with while I was volunteering at the Computer & Communications Museum said something to me that has really stuck with me (and always will).  He said, “Galway is where careers go to die.”  When I questioned him, he explained that he has known a number of people who, through promotional channels or by way of working ‘up the ladder’ at their respective occupations, have come to Galway to work… and never left.  They stop climbing the ladder, refuse subsequent promotions, etc., in order to stay right here in Galway.

I never imagined I would see the theory in action so soon after having been introduced to it.  But he’s right.

Thanks for being so welcoming Galway.  We’re here to stay for at least another year – and we couldn’t be happier.

— Cindy


One response to “In which your hosts obtain a reprieve

  1. There are different ways to measure success. Sometimes it’s not by how much money you make, but how much contentment is in your heart. It sounds like you are exactly where you need to be, fulfilling the dream.

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