Newly Minted Galwegian?

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here – and in that time our daughters have come to visit, we have toured the continent seeking out the best pastry and we have returned, I have been told that there is no more funding for my position after Oct 31, I have panicked, and I have been offered another position at DERI.

Restored building and unrestored foundations

Restored building and unrestored foundations at Carnuntum in Austria

The smart ones sitting in the shade at Carnuntum in Austria

The most striking thing about all of that is the moment in Austria when I realized that I was missing Galway.  We were wandering around in Carnuntum and it was hotter than blue blazes — OK not that hot but at least in the mid 30’s C (mid 90’s F).  We had ridden out on the train and discovered that we had to do a fair amount of walking to get to the ruins.  We got to the museum, enjoyed the cool interior and then moved out into the blazing sun to see the ruins and reconstructed building.  After which the smart ones rested in the shade.

While the heat was not as bad as Las Vegas — OK perhaps it was — I was reminded that while living there I began to feel like a vampire (and not the sparkly kind) in that the summer sun always felt like it was burning my skin.

Having been rejuvenated, or at least recharged, by the shade we walked back to the train station.  All the way I kept thinking that it was too hot and I longed for the coolness of Galway and the Salthill seaside.

I guess I am becoming Irish or at least a Galwegian.

— Claude


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