They work fast

Last Saturday was a big day for Salthill.  We had a huge GAA match – sadly, Galway lost – and a big concert in the park.  Mumford and Sons was playing along with other acts.  Due to the nature of the park, it was fairly easy to hear the music from the Prom.  Due to the weather, there were about a zillion people there on the Prom.  Due to the nature of people, there was a lot of drinking and a tremendous amount of refuse littering the place.  It was really quite disgusting!

Sunday morning was Claude’s birthday.  He rode out on his bike to get himself some coffee and came back to report that the Prom was clean.  I couldn’t believe it, it had been just filthy only a few hours before!  But when we went out for his birthday ice cream, sure enough the Prom was almost pristine.  Not a trace of the partiers of the night before – even the garbage that had been in between the beach rocks was gone.

Kudos to the people who work for Salthill on a job very well done!

— Cindy


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