There’s no place like home

The reason for my return home – my son’s wedding

As an ex-pat one lives a strange dichotomy between home (the original) and home (the transplant).  I recently travelled back home to Colorado, only to return home to Galway a week later.  Both places are comfortable and familiar, vastly different but still the same to me.

It was wonderful to be back in the bosom of family again, enjoying the company of friends, revelling in the familiarity of place.  The weather was just the same: hot, dry and sunny.  Denver hadn’t changed a bit, at least not enough to really notice.  I enjoyed shopping once again at stores I recognized and could navigate around with little difficulty.  I had the chance to visit the new History Colorado Museum with my son and see their amazing exhibits, including “LEGO-rado”.  (Check out the Flickr set I put together of that exhibit.)  I also got the opportunity to see Gustavo Arellano (¡Ask a Mexican!) give a talk at Su Teatro and get my copy of his new book signed, after eating an incredibly delicious meal at El Noa Noa.  Oh mercy, how I do love my hometown…

Mmmmm delicioso!

In conversation with Gustavo

I took advantage of my location to eat as much authentic Den-Mex food as I could.  If I had to choose one thing I miss most while in Galway, it’s real Mexican food.  Denver Mexican, with fluffy, hot, buttery, thick flour tortillas and smothered in pork green chili.  Oh my gawd, I miss it again, already!  PS: I also had a huge chicken-fried steak with rich cream gravy at the Denver Diner, greatest diner in town – delicious!

Chimichanga & cosmo at Buenos Tiempos – so good!

The Capitol dome shines gold in the fading western sunlight

However, even with all the wonderful memories and face time I got in Colorado, I was so happy to return home to Galway.  The weather here is much cooler – more to my liking – and returning to my favorite husband is always a joy.  The fun began when I left the airport and found the bus headed back to Galway, on bank holiday Monday no less – I had a choice of taking the multi-stop bus leaving at 9:30 (which happened to be the exact time I arrived at the bus stop) or waiting for the 11:30 express.  The bus driver tried mightily to convince me that I wanted the 11:30 because he was going to make multiple stops and not arrive in Galway until approximately 13:30.  But the 11:30 express was not leaving for another 2 hours and would arrive in Galway 45 minutes AFTER the multi-stop bus!  When I tried to point that out to the driver he still wanted to argue with me about my choice of rides.  I told him I was taking his bus, loaded my luggage and boarded, all the while shaking my head in amusement and wonder at Irish sensibilities.  I suppose I would have really enjoyed the scenery of the route as well if I hadn’t been so exhausted that I slept through the entire ride…

My little boy is a husband now.  My little girl is all grown up too – she had another birthday while I was in Colorado – and is about to embark on her trip to join Claude and me here on the first leg of her first trip to Europe next month!  I can’t wait to show her around and welcome her to our new home.

— Cindy


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