Sunday on the Prom

I stopped on the prom this morning after a quick stop at one of the local markets.  I had purchased a crescent roll at the market and a cappuccino at a seaside stall and so sat on the rocks near the beach and enjoyed my snack and people watching.  There were a number of people that were pasty white tending to lobster, small children enjoying chasing and being chased by the very small waves, larger children with boogie boards (though no waves big enough to ride them on), small inflatable rafts, and teenagers (both aloof and engaged).  I saw a nude child playing in the sand, young adults swimming in the bay, and the Galwegian women’s penchant for changing into/out of their swimsuits in full view of everyone.  I should probably explain that the women change under a towel so nothing is seen but it is a neat trick.  There was a nice breeze blowing, the sun was shining, and it was a good day for a quick study in human interactions.

— Claude


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