Another beautiful day in Galway


Had an early doctor appointment this morning.  When I looked outside I saw that it was soft out – that means it was just barely sprinkling rain and only slightly windy – and even though it looked cold it wasn’t even close to being chilly.  I donned my fleece and headed to the bus stop.  It was a productive visit, met with a lovely young woman doctor who said the recurring cough is likely associated with the MS, but could also be a result of sinus blockage.  She gave me a prescription for nasal spray and an inhaler and sent me on my way.  Got to love the efficiency of the health system here, if nothing else.  No mincing words, no dinking around, straight to the point.

Filled my script and by then the sun was out, the wind still blowing.  But hey, we’re right next to the bay, the North Atlantic ocean, the wind is always blowing!  So I grabbed a yummy almond & chocolate croissant at Gourmet Tart and headed to the prom for my walk home.  It’s amazing to me that I now choose to walk the 1 km home instead of waiting for the bus because 6 months ago I wouldn’t even have considered that walk!

Some people enjoy the smell of the ocean, and at times I do as well, but sometimes it has this rank seaweed and dead things odor coming off the shore that makes it a bit unpleasant.  The bay had that smell to it today.  But the walk was still quite refreshing with the brisk sea breeze and the sun just warm enough to make it comfortable.  And in the early parts of the day the prom is virtually empty, making the time spent even more enjoyable.

I’m still taken aback by the fact that walkers here don’t really acknowledge each other as they pass, even though the Irish people are generally very friendly.  But every once in a while I pass a person willing to meet my eye and smile or murmur a greeting and that makes me happy.

When I got home I decided that it has been too long since I have had fresh flowers on the mantelpiece, so I picked a few wildflowers and have them in a pretty vase cheering up the house.

Next week I’ll be back in Colorado for my son’s wedding, then returning to Galway with my mother, uncle and niece.  Then we get to adventure through Ireland some more!

— Cindy


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