No news is good news, right?

Sorry there hasn’t been much posted here lately.  We’re just slogging along in this everyday life we’ve established.  Claude enjoys his job – mostly – and I try not to get too depressed about this “housewife” gig.  I got two new students at the new round of classes at Age Action – one complete beginner and one who just needs to gain some skills at using the internet.  The beginner promises to have a new laptop with him at the next class.  Oh boy!

I’ve come to realize that the weather here is not as seasonal as it is in the States.  What I mean is that I expected specific weather patterns like we get in Colorado, you know… cold in winter, warm in spring, hot in summer, cooler in fall.  But here it just seems to come on a whim, some days are sunny and temperate (thank goodness not too hot yet) and some are soft and rainy.  Wind plays a huge factor but that’s mostly here by the water; once in the city it’s not bad at all.  Mostly.

Yesterday I walked a distance I never would have even thought of walking a few months ago.  It was only 1 km but that’s a lot when you can’t walk well.  Seems the treatments I’ve received and the vitamin supplements I’m taking and the fresh food diet we’re eating and the exercises I’m (mostly) doing are all beginning to work.  I do feel healthier now than I have in months.

So there’s not much to talk about lately.  The cycling season has started so I’m trying not to become a widow but it’s just so difficult to get excited about the races!  There was a huge crash at the Giro d’Italia the other day that took out the American boy we’d been rooting for, so that was kind of exciting.  I do know more about cycling than I ever thought I would.  And of course there’s the rugby, which I also know more about too.

Things promise to kick into high gear at the end of this month when I travel back to the States for my son’s wedding.  Then family arrives for a visit right afterwards.  It may seem a little boring but life is never a bore when you’re on perpetual holiday like we are!

— Cindy


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