Food scene

…or as I like to call it, “food porn.”

Chicken salad at Kai Cafe + Restaurant

Kai Cafe + Restaurant has some of the best food served anywhere in Galway.  All local, organic, veg friendly.  Yum!

Falafel dish


Margherita pizza


Lamb tagine

These dishes were meals we ordered at a restaurant called Hai on Shop Street.  They were delicious!

Irish lamb stew

This is probably the best Irish stew I’ve had since we landed here.  At Buon Appetito restaurant

Look at this nasty fish!


Our favorite bread stall at the market


Galway’s version of a beef burrito

I thought we should try the only Mexican food we can find in Galway, at Cactus Jack’s.  It was weird but the guacamole was good.  At least we got in on the early bird special so the price wasn’t too bad.

— Cindy


3 responses to “Food scene

  1. Ooh la la!!!!!! Now I’m hungry… Good thing you put the pic in the the nasty fish. That took care of it. You know, you would probably do that restaurant a favor by offering to teach them how to make a proper burrito in exchange for free meals!

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