The Bay

Galway Bay is an amazing body of water.  Every morning as I ride to and from work I take the time to appreciate it.

Its coloring changes from minute to minute with the weather.  During wet and windy weather it has a dark brooding feel with foamy crested ridges, though often the sun will strike the water from over in County Clare and provide a silvering of the horizon.  At sunset or sunrise it can transform into a rilled  grenadine red sea.  During the day it is a blue or green and often with the silvering of the sun threatening to blind.

The scent of the salt, seaweed, drift wood, and wet sand permeates the area.  On sunny days the scent of warm rocks and sand whispers to me and induces the lethargy of late spring or early autumn.

On the windiest of days the salt and sand can be felt as well as smelled, and at high tide the breakers wash across the prom leaving ridges of deposited sand to dry in the next day’s sun.

On some days the Clare coast is as clear as a bell, the sea spans the horizon to the west, and on others it is shrouded in mist and fog.

The bay, it is always there, it is always the same and yet it is always different.

— Claude


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