St. Patrick’s Day

Today’s parade was so much fun!  There weren’t nearly as many people in the city centre as we have had to deal with back home in the big city so that made all the difference.  From what I could tell the children attending had a lot of fun too.  So many fun costumes and green green green everywhere!  The day started off soft with a light drizzle, then the sun came out, then it rained a bit more – a typical Galway day!

Looking up Bridge St to Shop St

The parade didn’t really go all that far, only about 1 kilometer, so the people at the beginning actually doubled back before the whole parade passed by!

A large leprechaun

The town crier

Members of the Galway County Ploughman's Association

From the original to modern day equipment

Saint Patrick kicking the zombie banks out of Ireland

These guys were really popular!

A little "Irish dude"

Russian-Irish community

St. Francis

The Blue Teapot Theatre Company's dancing garbage pile

This wonderful group had a bunch of people sweeping up the garbage – many of the members of the group were disabled kids.  They all looked like they were having a great time!

The dancing garbage pile

The Ghana Union of Galway - beautiful kente clothing!

Salthill Knocknacarra GAA Club

The hometown team!

Filipino dancers


The traditional bagpipes!

Massachusetts State Patrol

There was a group of firefighters from NYC and Jersey City as well as this group of State Patrol officers.

A Polish-Irish motorcycle group

Environmental group on their cool 5-man bike

A Galway circus group

— Text by Cindy, Photos by Claude


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