Race season again

It’s cycling season again.  I’m a cycling widow even if I sit and watch the races with Claude because I still do not understand the attraction of the whole sport.  Something about spending 7.. 8.. 10 hours on the saddle of a bike seems entirely unpalatable to me, more akin to torture of the damned.  How anyone can actually have fun riding like these guys do is simply beyond my ken.

On the other hand, I always know where Claude is when the race is on.  I’ve learned a lot of the pro riders’ names.  And the scenery they feature of the places in which the bike boys ride is absolutely stunning.  Listening to the commentators, especially the Scottish men, is a lot of fun due to the fact that they still say the stupidest things (as sportscasters are wont to do) but with a fun accent.

The really challenging part of this season will be when we are traveling through Europe during the Tour de France.  Fortunately we will be in France for part of the race so at least we won’t be able to miss it!

— Cindy


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