Shameless self-promotion

So we’re 4 months into our new life in Galway and we can’t help looking to the future and wondering if we are going to be given the opportunity to stay here for longer than our one allotted year.  At first we weren’t certain that our hopes and dreams were going to match up to reality – but they have, and then some.  We love it here and don’t want to leave.  And importantly, I don’t want to pack all our junk and move it yet again, especially back overseas!

Claude, being the genius idea man that he is… Okay, I may be overstating.  Let’s put it this way: Claude has ideas all the time.  Little ones, big ones, lunatic ones… And every once in a while an idea gets a hold on his brain and won’t let go until he does something about it.  Last weekend he acted on an idea and now it has a life of its own.

Please consider visiting Like Like – The likeliest place on the web!  It’s a fun little site that allows you to look up any number of words (and some phrases) and “like” them on Facebook or Google+ or Twitter.  It also affords you the choice of liking words that are similar or choosing words that are unlike or opposite of your chosen term.  After all, who doesn’t like words and learning new words?  The whole idea is for personal edification and for fun!

Our goal is for people to have fun with it.  But if/when the site generates income and becomes a viable business we can use it as leverage to stay in Ireland.  Talk about your win-win scenario!  Please visit Like Like, and share with your friends.  That way we can keep enjoying and sharing our adventures with you!


— Cindy


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