Bicycle Adventure #4

OK, so on the way home from work yesterday, over near the small crane, I got a flat tyre (I love that spelling).  Now I know that one should never ride farther without a patch kit and pump than you are willing to walk, and repairing the rear tyre is a bear on the city bike.  After pushing the bike 3.5 kilometers home, I decided to wait until the morning to fix it.

Come the morning, I put the bike on the stand, took the rear wheel off and patched the tube.  While putting the wheel back on I discovered that the hub had a problem.  This bike has an 8-speed internal hub (like the old 3-speed) and the cable attachment was coming off.  After fiddling around it with it for a while I managed to get it back together and working.

I put the tools away and started on my way to work. 1.7K later all the gearing went away and I was left with nothing but 1st gear.  For the next 4K I moved only slightly faster than the Irish walk — they do walk fast.  One does feel rather silly pedalling like mad and moving at a good walking pace.  I made it to work.

That evening, figuring that if I couldn’t get out of first gear I might as well take the short route home, I took the one that goes up over the hill rather than around it.  Once again I pedalled like mad and moved at a good walking clip.  It turns out that a city bus in evening traffic travels slightly slower than the Irish walk, that is slower than I do in first gear.  I managed to pass and stay in front of it all the way up the hill.  The down hill section was rather nice.

Over the weekend I took the hub apart and reassembled it.  Now it works smoothly and I can once again make it to work at a reasonable pace.

— Claude


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