Another usual unusual day

Today I had my new mattress delivered.  I am SO looking forward to sleeping in comfort tonight.  But first the leprechauns had to have at me for a bit.

We live in an estate (neighborhood) that contains single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments.  We live in what I would consider to be a townhouse – bottom floor of a two-story building, 6 units per floor, certainly containing more square footage than an apartment.  Our little townhouse sits at the far end of the building from the main road into the estate.  However, there is a road that winds past the “manor house” that sits in the middle of the estate which, if one drives it, will get one much closer to our home.  Therefore, whenever we have something delivered or call a cab, we have to be very specific about how to get to the place.  But giving directions to an Irishman is – at least 75% of the time – fruitless.  The locals pride themselves on knowing their city.  But the fact of the matter is, they do not. Invariably we get a call on the mobile phone from the person trying to find us who has not followed our explicit directions, thereby obligating us to give them out again.

Skip to this morning when I get the call from the mattress delivery man telling me they’ll be here around 11.  ‘Excellent!  Let me give you directions…’  ‘Oh no, we don’t need ’em, we know where we’re goin’!’  I said, just let me give you a tip then… and gave him the simple-yet-somehow-so-difficult-to-follow shortcut to our house.  Several hours later I get a call on the mobile asking me if we’re in the “apartments” … and now I’m faced with the quandary of figuring out this man’s concept of an apartment.  Some people think we live in an apartment.  I like to think of it as a townhouse but that’s my perception.  So I run to the window, spot the truck down at the end of the road (holy crap, they actually followed my directions!!) and tell the man YES. Then I watch the truck proceed to back down the road away from the correct destination!  Oh mercy, I chuckled inside my head.  I called the man back, told him he had been in the right place, what was he doing?  He told me he had one number missing from the address and was headed over to the apartment complex!  I got them back on the right track and, voila!  My new bed is delivered unto me.

The enjoyment of this usual-unusual day has continued on to my lunch, which consists of the weirdest sandwich I have ever prepared: multi-grain bread, sliced turkey, mayo, caramelized onion chutney, pickled red cabbage and frisee (well, that’s what I call it, technically it’s escarole endive).  The beautiful part is that it’s really quite tasty!  Add a few crisps and a small handful of chocolate covered raisins and it’s simply delicious.

The wind has been blowing strongly for several days now due to some gale-force weather pattern coming up from the southwest of the island.  It has rained on and off (mostly on) all week as well.  That hasn’t really deterred the heartiest of Prom walkers, even if the wind at the coast is twice as bad as the wind in the city centre.  Poor Claude, it’s been a tough week for riding, but he’s a trooper.

This weekend we are taking a small excursion to Limerick via bus.  I’m hoping the weather down there is a bit more forgiving than Galway’s.  Living in this land of the unusual guarantees that at least it will be an adventure.

— Cindy


4 responses to “Another usual unusual day

  1. my understanding of a town home is no one lives above or below you. It seems every city has a definition of a town home, largely biased by overly positive realtors :}

    The sandwich sounded great! I was just introduced to pickled eggplant, it would go great on a sandwich

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