The Sound of the Sea Making Sand

Cycling is a solitary sport.  I know that the commentators and racing fanatics will tell you that it is a team sport, and tandem aficionados will expound on the closeness they feel to their cycling partner, but on the whole cycling is a solitary sport.  It is you and the bicycle and the environment.  You are moving too fast to have conversation with pedestrians, too slow to talk to drivers, and yelling across the wind to another cyclist seems pointless.  So it is you, the bicycle, the environment, and the space between your ears.

I find that it is a time for me.  It doesn’t take me long to get lost in thought when I am cruising some quiet stretch.  My thoughts are only interrupted by the beauty of the nature around me, the singing of the birds, the smell of peat or coal smoke, the sight of the sun going down in a purple sea, the sound of the sea making sand.  Yes, I heard the sea making sand the other evening.  The waves crashing against the groynes and sea wall, and as they retreated the stones at the tide line clicked together as they rolled back and forth; the clicking of the sea making sand — lovely.

— Claude


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