Watch Out For The Cliff

I do not recall what I expected Ireland to be like.  I do not remember what I thought being an ex-pat would be like.  I remember that I wanted to move to the the EU for many reasons, most of them political, and Ireland because I almost speak the same English they do.  What I do know is that taking that leap of faith has been the most amazing experience.  As you have probably noted, if you have read much of this blog, Cindy and I have encountered many things that, from an American’s perspective, are different or strange.  Some tasks have been difficult to navigate and some have been easier than expected, and some have not been needed at all.  My point here is that experiencing the life of an ex-pat is not hard.  Getting here took perseverance, but living here is no more difficult than living in the states — just different.

So to all of you who look at Cindy and I and say:  “That looks like fun, I wish I could do that,” I say “Grab your self by your bootstraps and lift.”  Set a course and follow it.  Live your dream.  You may find that the precipice that looks like a cliff is nothing more than a small curb.

— Claude


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