Vocabulary Conversions, or How I Learned to Relax and Love Irish Colloquialisms

We suspect this is only the beginning of our language lesson…

Cheers = Thanks or You’re welcome (also, Thanks a million, pronounced “Tanks a million”)

Eavestroughs = Gutters (along the roof line, not in the street)

Extension lead = Power strip

Icing sugar = Powdered sugar

Biscuits = Cookies

Dual carriageway = Two-lane road

Barman = Bartender

Toilet rolls = Toilet paper

Toilets = Rest rooms

Bicarbonate of soda = Baking soda

Oh bless! = Isn’t that sweet? (in the Southern US sense)

Go away = Get outta here

Knackered = Tired

Roosters = Giant red potatoes

Chips = French fries

Crisps = Potato chips

Sultana = Raisin (for those of you dying to know, Sultana is a type of grape known in the western US as Thompson Seedless)

Epilator = Woman’s shaver

Purse = Wallet

Handbag = Purse

Pelican Crossing = Cross walk with light.  (not to be confused with Panda Crossing or Zebra Crossing)

Take away = Take out (as in Chinese food)

Splash out = Splurge (on luxury purchases)

Pointsman = A Garda (cop) directing traffic

How ye keepin’? or How ye gettin’ on? = Hi, how are you?

— Cindy & Claude


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