Sister Cities

According to Wikipedia, Galway has 11 sister cities; I have been to 2 1/2 (St. Louis, Seattle and the Chicago airport).

City Geographical location Nation Since
Aalborg North Jutland  Denmark 1997
Bradford West Yorkshire, England  United Kingdom 1986
Cambridge[47] Massachusetts  United States of America 1997
Chicago Illinois  United States of America 1986
Lorient Brittany  France 1978
Milwaukee Wisconsin  United States of America 2001
Moncton New Brunswick  Canada 2002
Qingdao Shandong  China 1999
St. Louis Missouri  United States of America 1977
Seattle Washington  United States of America 1986
Waitakere City Auckland Region  New Zealand 2002

While waiting down near the Spanish Arch for Cindy to meet me for dinner, I found the Seattle sister city monument.  It is a stone with a couple of brass disks on it indicating how far and in which direction you would have to travel to reach Seattle. How far is a bit of a misnomer as it is directly through the earth. So now I know that I am not the only one that links the Galway environment with Seattle. Someone told me that Seattle was one of the few areas that gets more rain than Galway. But a quick sum of the averages from shows Galway with an annual average of 45 inches and Seattle with an average of 36.27 inches. Sorry Seattle, but it is those “dry” months of July and August that lose the crown for you.Seattle sister city stone in Galway
But here I am talking about weather again so it must be time to stop.

— Claude

(Ed. note: I think Claude is just becoming more acclimated to being among the Irish, as it is a sort of ritual to speak often of the weather, good or bad.  The woman who served us our dinner last night complained that it had been raining like this all year long.  I watched the weather through the window all day and bundled up in layers thinking it looked pretty darn cold out there, only to actually get outside and realize almost immediately that I had overdressed.  Yes, it was rainy, but it also wasn’t very cold.

Oh, and I have also been to 2 1/2 sister cities: Chicago, Seattle, and the St. Louis airport.  — Cindy)


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