Organic indeed

It was a very windy day today, pretty much precluding any walking, much less a trip to the grocery which has been necessitated by the fact that I forgot to purchase important ingredients for the meal I had (loosely) planned to prepare today.  I sure hope it’s nicer tomorrow…

But I did manage to get to the Supervalu for the first time yesterday.  I’ve shopped at Dunnes – so-so fresh food selection and perpetually crammed to the rafters with shoppers – and I’ve shopped at Joyce’s – good selection of fresh foods and ultimately my choice of favored grocery.  I hadn’t yet tried Supervalu but had ridden by it a number of times on the bus.  It turns out I started at the wrong end of the store because my basket was really full by the time I got to the produce section and I was thinking I’d never be able to lug it all home. (In case you’re curious, I have nixed Supervalu due to the small selection of products and the incredibly surly and rude attitude of the checker.)

Especially when you consider the sizes of some of the locally grown produce.  Check out the carrot!  The dinner fork is there for size comparison.  Look at that monster, it’s like a giant’s thumb!

As part of Claude’s lunches he has been taking fresh leafy greens so I went looking for something in the prepared salad greens section.  I found a bag of “organic field greens” that were priced well and looked tasty.  I brought them home and tucked them into the mini-fridge.

Fast forward to this evening when I’m scrapping for something to feed us for dinner and there is that bag of beautiful field greens.  Look at them, aren’t they yummy looking?  I had just finished rinsing them out and was waiting for the bulk of the water to drain, while cutting some cheese and a part of the monster carrot to top our dinner salad. 

I caught a small movement from the corner of my eye… What’s that?  Must be water running off the greens… AUGH!

Claude said I made a noise he had never heard before.  I recall just reacting with a kind of loud “whoa!”  Whatever I said, it stemmed entirely from my complete surprise in discovering that the movement in my salad was a worm!  I immediately began laughing as I scooted to the living room to fetch Claude, who of course made the requisite cracks about extra protein in the salad, etc.  He rescued the little fellah and sent him to the garden, then the teasing began.  When my brain calmed I thought about how cold that little guy must have been – plucked from the field and bagged, refrigerated in the store, refrigerated in my house, then washed a few times in cold water and finally banished to the November garden.

There’s a reason why organic is more expensive, I just didn’t realize that meant random wildlife.  I think I’ll stick with the pre-washed bagged salads from now on.

— Cindy


One response to “Organic indeed

  1. Mmm, yum. Creepie-crawlies in the salad? Yessiree, that whets the ol’ appetite. 😛 I’m glad it wasn’t a cold-tolerant spider.

    I used to work for SuperValu Corporate here in the states and they have stores all over the world; I wonder if yours is the same chain? They didn’t, however, have many stores in Colorado. But, now that I’m in Illinois, I’ve been shopping at their Jewel stores (aka Albertsons) and I’ll tell ya, I’m not happy. The layout is weird (candy, for instance, in the “Powered Drinks/Juice” aisle), the meat substandard, the produce indifferent.

    I’m gonna try Meijers and Woodman’s next. Wish me luck! And happy Irish shoppin’ to you, lassie!

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