Ridin’ da bus

Bus was 35 minutes late today.  Was literally 5 minutes from giving up and walking home.  Then I took the wrong bus back and ended up walking a bit farther than I had intended.  No big deal.  However, that put me on the bus that the school children ride.  (Catholic school, kids range from about 12 – 15.)  There was an older gentleman attempting to get off the bus at the kids’ stop.  They were jam-packed in around the door, and, for some unfathomable reason, would not part to allow the man to exit the bus.  So the driver closed the door and pulled ahead a bit. The kids crowded up around it again, so the bus driver pulled forward again.  The third time was the charm; the kids finally got the point and let the poor old man off.  Then the bus driver scolded them all and told them to “Mind yer manners!”

It was precious, and made the whole stinking mess worth the time and trouble.

— Cindy


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