A touch of home

All of our belongings have arrived, intact and complete, so we have begun the unenviable task of unpacking and finding places for all of the stuff with which we simply could not part.  I’m scratching my head, wondering why I brought some things, and despairing that I won’t be able to display others.

Most Irish homes have plaster walls – a practical solution to protecting against the elements.  But that also means that you can’t hang pictures or art without drilling holes in the walls, holes that are not easily repaired with a dot of spackle.  I asked the landlord about hanging our art and was told he did not want new holes in the walls… now I have to figure out a way to put stuff up without causing damage.  Claude has had a couple of ideas of how to circumvent the problem so we’re going to play with it over the weekend.

We have just recently finished reading Julia Child’s bio, “My Life in France.”  I bought the book when the movie Julie & Julia came out and had just not gotten around to reading it when the prospect of flying thousands of miles to this lovely green and wet island cropped up.  The perfect opportunity had presented itself!  Once we got here we realized that our evening routine of lying in bed watching TV had been interrupted by the fact that there is no TV in my room to watch and we are not about to be able to afford to purchase one.  However we were not inclined to give up our nightly cuddle, so I started reading to Claude from Julia’s book.  (If you ever get a chance, do pick it up; she is a compelling narrator and led a fantastically interesting life.)  One term we picked up from the book (among others) is “batterie de cuisine.”  Roughly translated that means all your kitchen gear.  Let me tell you, I was absolutely thrilled to complete the transition from the landlord’s crappy stuff to my very own batterie de cuisine!  I really enjoyed preparing a simple pasta primavera in my own pots and pans with my own knives last night.  Not your typical Thanksgiving dinner – but I was thankful!

Really enjoyed showering with my lovely bar of Dove soap and my Pantene shampoo this morning!  And drying off with a different towel!  And putting on a shirt I hadn’t worn at least once every week for the last 6 weeks!  (It’s the little things, don’t ya know.)

Almost right away Claude found our little cement coyotes and put them on the stoop for display.  They’re so adorable.  I found them at a lawn statuary outlet in Las Vegas a few years ago (Little Baja Garden & Design) and they were purchased with the approval of Miss Skyler Warren.  They are positioned so that it looks like they are singing to the moon – and just looking at them makes me smile every time.  The postal worker who came by yesterday took a double-take at them, and that made me smile.  Last night while we were relaxing in the living room I swore I saw the silhouette of a person at our glass door but by the time I got there to look he was gone.  I think he was looking at the coyotes.  Then I had a dream this morning that someone had stolen them!  Was very relieved to see that they were still singing to the moon on my stoop this morning.  Hoping to get the travelling gnome and the pink flamingos out into the garden today as well.

Of course, there are items I swear I packed that I can’t quite seem to put my hands to.  And there are some books that are in need of a shelving unit.  Which may have to wait, considering the current state of our finances.  (In other words, we’re kinda broke right now!)  Claude’s assurances that those items are here somewhere are kind but misguided.  I will not – nay, cannot – be satisfied until every box is unpacked and thoroughly gone through to be absolutely certain that it is time to pitch a fit over my losses.  Or not.  More on that later.

“Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” — Oscar Wilde

— Cindy


One response to “A touch of home

  1. Problem: plaster walls
    Solution: Command Adhesives?

    Hooray! I’m glad your stuff arrived! It’s so nice to have all those little touches that make a house a home. (yes, including coyote decor)

    I know how it feels. My stuff’s been in storage since mid September, and it’s been like forever. We moved everything into the house we just bought yesterday. It took 6 hours to get it all here, and another 5 hours to find bath towels for showers, something for dinner, paper plates to eat it on, and assemble the California King waterbed frame so we could add sheets and go to sleep. We finally passed out around midnight and slept til noon. I’m writing this from inside a veritable sea of boxes. Aye matey; tomorrow will be the day to start swabbin’ the decks and hoistin’ cargo. Hopefully … no storms. %-)

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