Random observations

How is it that I hardly eat anything all day and walk every-frickin’-where I go and I still haven’t lost weight?  The gods are having at me.

Irish children are what our new friend Alice calls “natural.”  That means they get to run wild, lip off, and basically test their parents’ nerves every chance they get.  The teens are especially obnoxious in public – however, this fact is really no different from any other part of the world.

The annual Christmas Marketplace is under construction in Eyre Square, which means the Occupy kids have been displaced.  I think they’ve moved to the east side of the park, over by the bus stops.  They seem pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

I have to face it: Coke is king.  To my knowledge there are no restaurants that have Pepsi in the fountain.  Some of the Chinese and Indian places have it in a can.  But no ice.

No ice!  WTF, Ireland?  Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean I don’t want a cold soda or drink of water.  Gee whiz.

The sun shining off Galway Bay at high tide is something spectacular to see; it’s no wonder everyone comes to the Prom to walk along the shoreline.  When it’s clear you can see all the way to County Clare and the Burren.

Seems Claude & I now know more about some parts of this city than the natives, especially the people who drive around it all day for a living.  I’ve asked the bus driver to stop at places that I know he sees every single day, multiple times a day, and gotten blank stares.  And when I don’t have a landmark to give him, it’s basically up to me to pay attention and figure out the closest stop.

People are still playing golf in late November.  Generally speaking, the weather is lovely, even when it rains softly but especially when the sun shines, as long as the wind isn’t blowing.  It’s 50 degrees F here most days.

Gourmet Tart Co. is the place to go for your baked goods in Salthill.  O’Connor’s Bakery may be a mom-&-pop shop, but the woman behind the counter is surly and their selection is weak.  The girls at Gourmet Tart are helpful and polite and the food is much tastier.

Speaking of surly, what’s up with crabby librarians?  How can you be a librarian and be cranky?  That’s just wrong.  Those people need a few sensitivity training sessions or a week hauling garbage or wiping snotty noses at a day care center to get the full appreciation of the nature of their jobs.

Some people’s accents are just so heavy that you have to watch their mouths to understand what they’re saying.  Pretending to be hard of hearing works wonders for people’s enunciation.

When an Irishman says it’s only five minutes’ walk, be prepared to go at least a mile.  15 minutes is practically across town.

— Cindy


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