I miss crunchy leaves

And my car.  On-time buses.  A big fridge.  Working for pay.  Being able to walk without pain.  Chiropractic adjustments.  Ice cubes.  Fully functioning appliances.  A big shower.  The Rocky Mountains.  Stores whose purpose you can discern immediately without having to go in and wander around to determine just exactly what they sell.  Downtown Denver.  Television.  The ability to go road tripping.  Smoking.

Friends and family.  Especially my children.  Most of all I miss my kids.  A lot.

I don’t miss rednecks, or American sports, or loud parties, or dry skin, or smelly bums, or that dump of an apartment we moved out of.

I don’t think I’m so much culture-shocked as out of my element.  My brain has been here before, I have alternately succeeded and failed.  Just going to have to hang on for the ride and do what I can to fall on the succeed side.  It sure doesn’t hurt to see the wondrous green all around and to be able to enjoy the beautiful view of Galway Bay outside my window – and to have the most wonderful husband in the entire world by my side.

— Cindy


4 responses to “I miss crunchy leaves

  1. Claude, Now that you are in Ireland and if you have time you could see if you could find any thing about The Rodgers branch of our family tree. I just found the name of your 4th great grandmother was named Jaine (Jane) McDonnell was born in Ireland also and she married John D Rodgers in Pa in 1796. She was born in 1775. John D Rodgers was also born in Ireland and came to America as a boy. I have no information on is parents.
    Keep in touch and enjoy Ireland.
    Love, Aunt Kay

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