The mundanes

Now that we’re here, are no longer homeless, and are on the verge of having heating oil (which Cindy plans to exploit shamelessly for a couple of days), the reality is starting to kick in.  Time to figure out how to get around town on an everyday basis, among other things.  While walking is the very best means of transportation, at a certain point Cindy’s MS kicks in and says, “Nope, no more walking today. You. Are. Finished.”  There’s no telling when that point will be reached – some days it doesn’t hit for hours, some days it’s right there before we’ve gone a half a mile. Claude is learning through behavior modification that he must slow his pace or Cindy hits the wall sooner.  However, he is enjoying his walks to and from work with more relish than before.

On this day we will simply take it slowly.  Claude has the unenviable responsibility of setting up the utilities, as Cindy is not yet on the ‘joint’ bank account (nor has the account been funded from the US bank account for that matter, so it’s kind of moot anyway).  Claude figured out the hard way which bus to take to work; Cindy plans to try her hand at using the bus service on another day.  The apartment inventory should be looked over and verified, so there’s something Cindy can do.  She is avoiding taking a shower until the oil man comes to fill up the tank with life-giving heater juice, as the idea of stepping out of the shower soaking wet into a below 60 degree F room literally chills her to the bone; we’re talking recipe for disaster here, folks.  Plus, that closet-sized shower stall is a little – no, very – intimidating!

The kitchen needs tidying up.  Furniture needs to be purchased and conveyed to the house somehow, preferably before our things arrive from America.  Cindy wants to find a nursery that sells herbs for planting in our tiny front garden.  Library cards need to be acquired – but only once we find the local library. Claude has to visit the electronics store for the second day in a row, but at least now he knows where to shop for all his geek needs.

Every time she thinks she has a handle on the details, the universe gives Cindy a little slap upside the head and lets her know that she’s not even close to being in control.  So are these the mundanes or are they the stuff of life?  The realities of housewifery had escaped her consciousness, having left them behind all those years ago, but she’ll be relearning the skills quickly enough.

Do you know what?  This is the good life.


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