Weather obsessions

We love how everyone here is so obsessed with the weather – change of the season, the bitter cold of last winter, the amount of rain the Salthill neighborhood gets.  Cindy finds that she’s colder indoors than out, mainly because no one uses the heat!  It’s also really quite amusing that you can’t get a drink with ice in it “because it’s winter.”  But don’t mention global warming!  Most people really don’t want to hear about it.

Actually, the sun has come out pretty much every day since we arrived – and the people seem to blossom when that happens.  We saw a full rainbow in the sky today, as we stood in a sun shower.  When the wind blows in from the bay it’s probably pretty damn nippy but people still walk the promenade from morning to night.  We plan to take a stroll soon and “kick the wall” at the end.  (It’s a tradition that Brendan, our new landlord, said goes back well beyond his time so had no explanation for where it came from or why people do it.  However, far be it for we two newly-arrived immigrants to question tradition!  We’ll just go along with it.)

Cindy met a young man at a cocktail party tonight who was shivering from the cold but said that rarely ever happened to him and, in fact, he rather enjoyed the cold.  But he had recently lost a great deal of weight and it was probably a product of that loss.  She taught him the acupressure technique of pinching the earlobes to stimulate circulation and it seemed to work for him.  (Always a pleasant surprise as most people claim it does nothing for them and then look at her as if she’s a weirdo.)

Claude observes that Mark Twain once said something about how everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it.  He points out that even though we sort of pooh-pooh the Irish for their weather obsession, we did spend time having detailed conversation about the extreme heat of the desert, so we are just as guilty of weather obsession as anyone else!

Next week we get to call the oil man and get our tank filled — definitely looking forward to having a warm house.


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