Homeless in Galway

It’s been interesting being homeless in a completely different country.  Thank goodness we at least have the ability to live in a hotel; can’t imagine not having a bed at night.

The properties “to let” in our budget range are not the best.  It’s tough finding places that even have 2 bathrooms – an absolute must on Cindy’s wish list.  (By the way, apparently as popular as “Cindy” is as a name in the US, it’s virtually unknown in Ireland.  It’s been mispronounced more often than not.  But she refuses to become “Cynthia.”)  Everyone has an opinion on which neighborhood to look in, what type of accommodation to look at, and what kind of neighbors to watch out for.  The hotel manager has taken it upon himself to approve the places we’re looking in and is offering his assessment whenever possible.

Looked at several properties today, most of which failed the litmus test almost immediately.  The fellow with the tiny, dirty, nasty apartment seemed fairly offended when we turned it down on the spot.  Honestly, dude, the closet that was supposed to be an en suite bathroom?  Seriously?  The most promising house so far is a semi-detached (that means half of a duplex) with a WC and two baths, 3 bedrooms and a “box room,” huge kitchen (for Ireland) and a very nice landlord who really likes us already, enough to build us a shed and a clothesline and take us in without us even being able to prove we actually have money!  It’s kind of far away from Claude’s work so it has a drawback…

More property viewings tomorrow.  Hoping to have something leased by Friday, otherwise we’re going to just become members of the hotel manager’s family!  🙂


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