First impressions – food

Baked beans and French fries for breakfast.  Brown bread is dry but so is the white toast, and you have to ask for jam.  A distinct lack of salt in most dishes.  Lots of heavy meat meals, with mashed potatoes drenched in brown gravy and veggies steamed to a mushy texture.  The local produce, when offered, is really quite delicious.  Most tables have milk in a pot at breakfast-time, and packets of mayo, mustard & ketchup at lunch- and dinner-time.  And every restaurant we have visited has vegetarian options, even if it’s only one dish.  Subway is the same only they don’t offer potato chips.  Supermacs seems to be the McDonald’s substitute. Pubs offer pretty much the same menu from one to the next.  Saw the Irish version of Johnnie Rocket’s, called Eddie Rocket’s – which probably has equally as yukky food as their American counterpart.

Saw a show with Jamie Oliver cruising around his town harvesting various wild herbs and plants and incorporating them into his dishes.  We really need to learn how to identify those plants and go on foraging trips for ourselves.

The guy at the front desk says we should try the new Chinese buffet place.  Can’t wait to try more of the various restaurants the city has to offer…

(EDIT: By the way, take out is called take away.  And there’s no tipping!)


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